On the need of the cable sector in our region, DÖRLER KABLO SANAYİ was established in Turhal which is one of the paradise corners of Anatolia. Feasibility began in 1989 and production started in 1991. All of our products have TSE and ISO 9001: 2000 Quality system certificate. The spiritual pleasure of this business, established in Anatolia, is much more important for us, despite the material loss of Istanbul, which is the center of trade. With this belief, investor, entrepreneur and businessmen all over Anatolia are calling for industrialization, exportation and therefore the biggest problem of our country, which is our duty to our country, even as a loan. DÖRTLER KABLO SANAYİ'S quality policy is to increase our market share and competitive power by offering products in accordance with the legal requirements of our country and the countries in which we sell the goods, in a variety that will answer the customers now and in the future.

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